Isfahan IELTS Center (PART) is proud to serve the language learners of Isfahan province since 2014 as the first and most specialized English IELTS preparation Center in Isfahan. This Institute consists of highly experienced and knowledgeable staff, with more than 7 years of teaching experience in the field of IELTS and over 15 years of English language teaching experience. The teaching staff along with the staff of this center have tried to provide the best learning atmosphere for your to learn based on the latest teaching standards.

The center strives to use the most qualified teachers and the best educational materials to save time and money of its students so that you can experience the most up-to-date and specialized IELTS teaching methods in Isfahan IELTS Center (Part) as the best language school in Isfahan. The students’ results in the IELTS test (IELTS Test Report Forms) are available to you in the “IELTS Test Report Forms” section. [read more…]

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IELTS Test Report Forms of our students

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Online English language Courses

Online teaching of English and IELTS in Isfahan Language Center (PART) makes it possible for students to see their teachers and hear their voice simultaneously, with the best quality. Learners can, if needed, have the audio and video of other learners at the same time, creating a fully interactive classroom environment. The ability to use Whiteboard and share files, Q&A between instructors and language learners are other features of our online classroom platform. Isfahan IELTS Center(PART) is proud to offer high quality online language classes from elementary to advanced levels and IELTS courses.
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Online Placement Test

This test is one of the most reliable English placement tests in the world,  Which is here in an online multiple-choice format. The test consists of 50 general English questions, with 40 grammar questions and 10 vocabulary questions. At the end of the test, your level of language skills will be estimated based on the number of correct answers. However, it should be noted that written placement tests alone can only estimate the rough level of test takers, so in order to become aware of the exact level, you need to book a consultation session and oral placement test.